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Auto Accidents

Atlanta Auto Accident Settlement Timeline

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you might be thinking about filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. If you're planning on taking this action, knowing how long the settlement process takes is important information to know. 

Auto Accidents

What To Do After a Car Accident

It's unfortunate just how few people are aware of the most significant steps to take after an auto accident. Learning what to do in the event of a car accident now is the best way to prepare yourself, in the event that you ever find yourself the victim of a collision.

Traffic Offenses

Call on Atty SHEquel Ross if Pulled Over By the Police. 855-5-SHE-law #SHElaw

SHE will make sure your rights are protected while you are celebrating the holidays! Call The Law Offices of SHEquel Ross, LLC, on site, and SHE will make sure you don't risk going to jail. 

Criminal Defense

Atlanta Attorney Shequel Ross: Not Giving Up

SHE will Fight for you, too. Shequel Ross talks about Perseverance and Purpose with “Changing Your World Broadcast”

Criminal Defense

Atlanta Atty Shequel Ross: SHE Gets Dudes Out Of Jail

Atlanta Attorney Shequel Ross fights hard for her clients.  Catch this up close and personal, behind the scenes account of Shequel as she masterminds and recounts a case where SHE protected her client from prosecution.

Drug Crimes

Atlanta Atty Shequel Ross: Ridin' Clean In A Dirty Car - Dog Bag

Atlanta Attorney Shequel Ross explains what to do when you are pulled over with drugs in the car that are not yours.  Call 855-5-SHE-Law for your legal needs.

Criminal Defense

Theft by Shoplifting - What You Need to Know

Shoplifting occurs when a person takes merchandise from a retail store without purchasing the item.

Violent Crimes

Robbery - What You Need to Know

A robbery occurs when one forcefully takes someone else’s property. Have you or a family member been charged with robbery, if so, SHE can help!

Auto Accidents

Driving Under the Influence - What You Need to Know

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in Georgia. Notably, the state of Georgia is notorious for its strict DUI laws. In Georgia, the is a mandatory 24-hour jail time for all drivers whom at the time of arrest, have a blood-alcohol concentration that exceeds the state’s limit.

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