DUI Penalties & Process in Georgia

A DUI arrest in Decatur, GA is a serious matter. A Decatur DUI defense lawyer can help you navigate the process. You could be sentenced to jail or have your license suspended, depending on the nature of your offense.

Georgia DUI Penalties

Georgia DUI penalties can vary depending on the situation. The severity of the penalties will depend on the driver’s previous records, blood alcohol level, injuries, and whether any other people were hurt.

A Georgia DUI can lead to a suspension of your driver’s license. A fine, community service, and/or a DUI school may follow. To allow you to drive to work and medical appointments, you may apply for a restricted-use driving permit if your license has been suspended. You might also need to take part in a treatment program or have a substance abuse evaluation.

Georgia’s first DUI conviction requires that you be on supervised probation for at most 12 months. You may be required to complete a drug-clinical and alcohol evaluation and pay a fine. You could face a fine of up to $1000.

A DUI conviction can also lead to loss of employment or travel problems. You may also be denied professional licenses or have your insurance rates increased.

Administrative License Suspension

An administrative license suspension may be a result of a DUI arrest in Georgia. The suspension can last for one year and could result in your driver’s license being revoked. This suspension applies to drivers who are arrested for the first or second time in five years.

Appealing for your driving privileges is the best way to get them back. This process can be assisted by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

To get your driving privileges back, you must request an administrative license suspension hearing. This can be done by filling out the DPS Form 1205 (yellow/white). This form is for temporary driving permits.

An arrest for DUI can have serious consequences. A DUI arrest can lead to jail time, large fines, and community service. You might even have to sign up for a treatment program for drugs or alcohol.

Georgia law requires that officers provide you with a 1205 form. This includes a citation as well as a notice of your rights to an administrative license suspension hearing. Talk to an Atlanta DUI attorney for more information about the appeal process.

DUI Offenses Can Land You in Jail

A DUI offender can be either incarcerated or placed on probation depending on the crime. A probation period may last less time than a time in jail and may include a treatment program. Persons convicted of DUI may be required to cover treatment costs.

A fine of up $1,000 can be imposed on first-time DUI offenders. They may also have to attend a DUI alcohol or drug education program and may also have to perform community service.

A DUI alcohol or drug risk reduction course is required for second-time DUI offenders. They might also have to pay fees to attend DUI school or to have an ignition interlock system installed in their car.

A third-time DUI offender is charged with a high & aggravated misdemeanor and may have to undergo a medical evaluation. They might also have to pay fees in order to reinstate their driver’s license.

Community Service

Nearly all DUI sentences in Georgia are subject to community service. The circumstances surrounding an arrest may affect the length of the sentence and the conditions. This service can be extremely rewarding as it allows people to learn about law enforcement challenges and helps others overcome addictions. This helps to humanize officers and encourages people to be more involved in their communities.

Contact SHElaw firm® Today for Exceptional DUI Defense

A Decatur DUI defense attorney with SHElaw firm® should be consulted if you were charged with DUI. The attorney will be able to tell you which organizations are eligible for community service in your area. An attorney can help you to understand the details of the service. Some courts permit you to perform community service at your church. Before you do any service, ensure that the organization is approved.

Georgia law requires you to complete 40 hours of community service for your first DUI arrest. You can do this in many ways, such as helping at a shelter for the homeless, cleaning up roads, or doing other volunteer work.

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