Vehicle Accident Statistics in Decatur, GA

This article includes when, where, and how the most frequent vehicle accidents occur in Decatur, Georgia. Our experienced car accident attorney hopes this information will help you avoid a collision.

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When Do Most Vehicle Accidents Happen in Decatur, GA?

Per the GA DOT Crash Data Vehicle Accident Statistics portal, 2019 and 2021 were the years with the most reported accidents.

2021 held the distinction of more fatalities. All 2020 numbers were significantly lower, presumably due to decreased driving during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The highest number of accidents occur on Tuesdays and Fridays in October. The month of most incidents may be due to the sunset. The time of day with the most collisions is no surprise – from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM. Drivers may be tired after a long day at work or stressed because they are expected elsewhere, not stuck in traffic.

The next highest time of day is 8:00 AM-9:00 AM. On the way to work, many drivers multitask by talking on the phone, scheduling the day, returning texts, or reading emails. Some even do these things, and put on make-up, eat breakfast, or drink morning coffee. This lack of focus causes distracted driving, which is a leading cause of accidents.

Who Has the Most Vehicle Accidents in Decatur, GA?

Most people initially point to the young, inexperienced driver or the older driver whose reflexes and vision are no longer what they once were. The truth is the driver age groups of 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 are almost equally responsible.

Where Do Most Vehicle Accidents Happen in Decatur?

Decatur has seven of the fiftieth most dangerous roads in Georgia. These sections of the indicated roads total 37.12 miles and account for 37 fatal crashes and 51 fatalities.

Rank Road City Mile Point Fatal Crashes Fatalities Length Fatal Crashes per Mile
6 Wesley Chapel Rd Decatur 68 5 7 1.42 3.52
29 Lavista Rd Decatur 105.5 5 5 3.34 1.5
36 Columbia Dr Decatur 26.5 5 5 4.03 1.24
38 Memorial Dr Decatur 86 5 5 4.07 1.23
45 Covington Hwy Decatur 8 8 7.07 1.13
46 I- 20 Decatur 110 12 12 10.61 1.13
50 I- 285 Decatur 105 7 9 6.57 1.07

Why Do Most Vehicle Accidents Occur in Decatur, GA?

Accidents in Decatur, GA occur for the same reasons they occur nationwide. The most common are:


  • School zones have maximum limits posted as 20-25 mph. Residential streets, downtown or city streets, and other roadways have limits posted between 25-50 mph. The maximum speed increases to 55 mph on rural highways and up to 70 mph on interstates.
  • These limits are based on safety and fatality statistics. No nine mph buffer applies in Decatur, and you can be stopped and fined for any speed over the posted maximum speed.
  • Driving under the speed limit also has dangers. Many accidents occur on rural highways due to drivers attempting to pass a slower vehicle. Head-on collisions are frequent because the driver does not allow enough time to reenter their lane before oncoming traffic arrives.
  • Another problem is highway hypnosis. This occurs when the driver completely zones out due to the boredom of driving behind a slower vehicle. Their mind may wander to other times. Or they think of problems and solutions or enjoy the scenery driving down a rural road. The driver is not paying full attention to driving and makes careless errors.

Distracted Driving

  • The Hands-Free Georgia Act, effective July 2018, states drivers cannot read, write, or send text messages or emails while driving. Drivers also cannot read or post on social media. Voice-to-text programs may be in use while driving. The Act states a driver may not have a cell phone in his hands or anywhere else on the body. Tablets and other wireless devices for reading or responding to postings are also banned.
  • Getting distracted by the radio, heating/cooling system, mirrors, lights, or a specific vehicle you see may be just as dangerous. Adjust the internal settings to your preference before you put the auto in Drive. Passengers can also be very distracting. Pull the car over for heated arguments or playtime to be safe.


  • Speeding through an intersection to beat the red light can cause side-impact collisions as the other drivers go as soon as their light turns green.
  • 4-way stops are especially confusing, and minor accidents frequently occur at these intersections. The 4-way stop rule states that the first vehicle to come to a full stop is the first to proceed. If more than one vehicle arrives at approximately the same time, you should yield to the auto on your right.
  • Intersections entering or crossing highways or intersections with heavy traffic are the sites of accidents every day. Drivers frequently misjudge the amount of time or road they need to get where they want to go.
  • Intersections with blind spots or signs that are difficult to see can also cause accidents. This is one specific instance when you need to call your car accident lawyer immediately to get photos of the conditions you experienced.
  • Rear-end collisions frequently occur at stop signs and stoplights. Drivers misjudge the space they need to stop their 4,000 – 7,000 lb vehicle.
  • Multi-car collisions can occur when one driver rear-ends the car in front of theirs, and the drivers behind them rear-end each other in a line. The sudden stops can cause a chain reaction.

Road Conditions

  • Weather conditions have caused many vehicle accidents. Georgians experience torrential rain, wind, flooding, and tornadoes. Pull over if you are uncomfortable driving in any situation. Turn Around, Don’t Drown warns drivers of the dangers of driving through flooded areas.
  • Bright sunlight can also be responsible for vehicle accidents. Facing a direction with bright sunlight can blind you momentarily as your eyes adjust. You may need to put on your sunglasses or pull the visor down. If a car stops immediately in front of you, this can be a disaster.
  • Poorly maintained roads, and road debris, usually in rural areas, have been cited as the cause of numerous accidents. If you do not reach out to the SHElaw firm® quickly, take photos of any circumstances you think impacted your accident.
  • Large commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, or trucks hauling items increase the probability of an accident. These vehicles are harder to drive at higher speeds and can be difficult to stop.
  • Wild animals and pets crossing the road are an unexpected hazard. If you see a warning sign on the highway, slow down and be aware of any crossing animals. Driving a car 20-25 mph on residential streets should give you time to react to almost any pet that crosses your path.
  • DUI is, unfortunately, responsible for an unusually high incidence of accident fatalities in Decatur, GA. Alcohol or drug use was positive in 31% of the total fatalities in Decatur. When compared to a 19% rate of alcohol or drug-related deaths in Atlanta, GA, this is concerning.

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