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Having allegations of violent crime brought against you can be traumatizing. Getting sentenced because of this type of crime could result in severe and life-changing repercussions. With things happening quickly, it’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, and confused. We understand this, which is why we recommend that if a violent crime charge has been brought to you or somebody close to you, you enlist aggressive and expert legal representation to defend your freedom.

Our dedicated Decatur violent crime lawyers at the SHElaw firm® are deeply familiar with Georgia laws and will review the charges against you, gather the requisite evidence and draft an effective defense strategy that will lead to a desirable outcome. Our defense attorneys in Decatur, GA have extensive experience dealing with violent crime cases. Our track record over the years includes multiple dismissals, acquittals, and reductions/lessened charges.

No matter how serious you may think the charges are, you can count on the Decatur violent crime attorneys at the SHElaw firm® to represent you and protect your rights. So you can be assured that once we accept to represent you, we will pull no punches when it comes to advocating for your future as a free person.

Please contact our Decatur violent crime defense attorneys at 470-378-1162 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation today.

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What Types of Crimes Are Considered to Be Violent Crimes?

It’s important that you understand what constitutes to be a violent crime. Here are the kinds of crimes our violent crime attorneys can defend against you in Decatur, GA:

What Are the Penalties for Violent Crimes in Georgia?

According to Georgia Law, an individual convicted of a serious violent crime is subject to the death penalty (murder only) or life imprisonment.

But there are exemptions to this. An individual sentenced because of armed robbery or kidnapping of a 14-year-old or older is subject to imprisonment for not less than 10 years in jail. No part of the compulsory prison term can be probated, stayed, or suspended by the sentencing court. What’s more, it can’t be decreased by any form of parole or pardon.

An individual sentenced because of these serious violent crimes will receive a split conviction or life imprisonment:

  • Rape
  • Kidnapping of a minor aged 14 years or lower
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Aggravated child molestation
  • Aggravated sexual battery

The split conviction would encompass a compulsory jail term of no less than 25 years accompanied by probation for the rest of your life. Note that no part of the compulsory prison term can be withheld, deferred, probated, stayed, or suspended and it cannot be decreased by parole or pardon.

If an individual has been convicted to life imprisonment, they won’t qualify for parole or early release until they’ve done no less than 30 years in jail.

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What Should I Do if I Have Been Arrested for a Violent Crime?

It can be overwhelming and scary if you or somebody close to you has been arrested and had violent crime allegations brought against them. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you need the legal services of skilled defense lawyers.

Therefore, if you’ve been arrested because of a violent criminal offense, the first thing you should do is to get legal counsel. We advise that you exercise your constitutional rights and retain legal counsel before you share any info with the investigators, interrogating police, or family.

When you have counsel, it’s integral that you give as much information as you can remember to your defense attorney, including physical evidence, names of witnesses, and the like. Considering how these serious felonies can drag on for months or even years in court, it’s integral that you gather and preserve any favorable evidence before it vanished.

Furthermore, any witnesses present at the time of the incident may not remember essential details about the offense months or years later when they’re summoned to give their testimony. Tracking down those witnesses and recording their statements while information is still fresh on their minds could prove to be the difference between incarceration and freedom.

Our team of violent crime attorneys will use these kinds of evidence and information as the basis to build an airtight defense. So, when you’re arrested for a violent crime in Decatur, GA, don’t panic. Contact us at SHElaw firm® for a free consultation.

Why Should I Hire a Violent Crime Defense Lawyer?

With regard to violent crime prosecutions, the state must definitively prove the defendant is guilty in order for a sentence to be handed out. A violent crime defense attorney will defend you by:

  • Evaluating and carefully investigating all aspects of the charges against you;
  • Pinpointing contradictions, flaws, and weaknesses in the case;
  • Getting and preserving witness statements;
  • Interrogating prosecution witnesses;
  • Lining up the defendant’s witnesses
  • Discovering and exploiting any constitutional violations and procedural errors on the end of the prosecution or law enforcement;
  • Ensuring that the defendant gets fair treatment during the criminal proceedings;
  • Reviewing and challenging forensic proof and other pieces of evidence brought forth by the prosecution;
  • Building a compelling and airtight defense plan.

You should remember that your freedom is on the line here, and as such, so don’t risk it with an unproven lawyer. Enlist the skilled violent crime defense attorneys at SHElaw firm® when your freedom is at stake!

Get in Touch With Experienced Decatur Violent Crime Lawyers Now!

A violent crime charge can be detrimental to your career and reputation and may very well cost you your freedom, in addition to other severe penalties and consequences. You can safeguard your freedom and rights by having a solid defense with the aid of seasoned and result-driven violent crime lawyers.

We at the SHElaw firm® in Decatur, GA understand how serious these allegations can be which is why we work night and day to ensure we secure a desirable outcome for our client. Get in touch with us at 470-378-1162 or fill out our online form for a free consultation and case evaluation with a top Decatur violent crime lawyer.

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