Will My DUI Show Up on a Background Check?

Are you looking for a new job or a transfer? Renting a home or apartment?

Many of our clients are concerned about the impact on their job if the DUI shows up when a background check is run while applying to a new job. Our DUI defense lawyers have years of experience under their belt to help you and your case.

You will never know exactly what your background check will reveal, but there are ways you can avoid getting a DUI arrest that could prevent you from getting the job of your dreams.

Let’s preface this with the premise that a DUI arrest shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream career.

Let’s repeat it because you may have already convinced yourself that being arrested on suspicion of DUI is the end to your career and life.

A DUI arrest will likely not affect your career. In fact, most careers will not be ruined by a simple DUI arrest.

This applies to all professions such as lawyers, doctors and judges, nurses, CEOs and accountants, academics and researchers, as well jobs that require security clearance.

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What Are Some Examples of Jobs Most Likely to Be Affected by a DUI Arrest?

Commonly affected jobs:

  • Police officers
  • Anybody who uses a company car
  • CDL Drivers
  • Elected Officials or people who work for elected officials
  • Pilots

Before you make a decision about your future career, determine if your current or future job requires you to drive a company vehicle. If you answered no, you’re probably in great shape.

Why Would Companies Refuse Job Applicants if They Find Out About a Recent Arrest?

An arrest can reflect badly on you if you’re applying for a job.

This is a legitimate concern, as there is a stigma attached to DUI arrests. As a result, many people don’t want to reveal recent arrests on job applications.

However, keeping an arrest secret can lead to more problems than just disclosing. Many companies will conduct a background check and ask you to disclose any arrests, criminal charges or convictions.

The employer will compare the applicant’s answers to the background check results once the background check has been completed. The employer may terminate an application if they find out that the applicant has been arrested.

This is because it is not the arrest that is the problem, but the failure to disclose or “lie” on the application that is so heartbreaking. Many of these cases would have been approved if the applicant had completed the background check questionnaire.

What Can You Do to Find Out the Contents of Your Background Check?

At a Georgia police station, it is simple to verify your criminal history. You can simply walk into most precincts and fill out a form. Once you are done, you will be given a copy of the criminal history.

Employers, however, have a harder time getting that direct access to Government information. Employers can’t ask the government for this information so they rely on private background checks companies.

We have seen over the years that background check companies frequently get it wrong. They often overreport or underreport offenses. This means you cannot be sure of what information will appear in your report.

What Does a Background Check Show if a DUI is Found?

If you are only arrested and still waiting for a court date, your arrest should be the only record. This record will usually include the name of the county and the charges.

A background check would not normally reveal additional details beyond what charges were filed against you.

What Will a DUI Arrest in Georgia Look Like on My Driving Record?

Your driving record will not reflect an arrest but it could indicate a DUI suspension. Download their app to view your driving record at dds.ga.gov.

A DUI conviction in Georgia is not reflected on your driving record unless you plead guilty or are convicted at trial.

Can You Remove a DUI from Your Background Check?

It depends. It is possible to correct the records of a background check with a private company if the information is not verifiably false.

Sometimes we find mistakes in government records. If the government has made a mistake, you have options to correct it.

How Can You Talk to Your Employer About Your DUI Arrest?

The DUI lawyers at SHElaw firm® are highly experienced in helping clients navigate these waters. Our clients are taught how to:

  • Prepare for awkward interview questions regarding a recent arrest made with potential employers
  • Answer questions about the background of employees
  • Plan to speak to your current employer about the new arrest, if disclosure is required.

It is a part of our daily practice to help clients feel comfortable talking about private, embarrassing moments in a way that doesn’t stigmatize and assures employers that a DUI arrest shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. Call us today at 470-378-1162 to schedule a consultation with one of the most skilled criminal defense attorney’s in the state of Georgia, Shequel Ross. SHE DOESN’T LOSE!!