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When you are thinking about going with a good North Decatur premises liability lawyer, you will have to focus on what type of case is being built. It is not easy to deal with the effects of an accident and then also figure out how you are going to tackle the lawsuit.

This is why the best thing a client can do is reach out to SHElaw firm®. We are a trusted North Decatur law firm that has handled numerous personal injury cases such as these and understands what it takes to do a good job. We are going to use our legal resources to better build your legal case against the other party.

We realize this is not an easy time for you and one that is going to take a long time to understand. This is why we are going to work with you to build a case that is in line with what you want.

If you believe this is the right way to go then you will want to contact us at 470-378-1162 for a free case evaluation and consultation.

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Do I Have a Premises Liability Claim?

When you are thinking about moving forward with a premises liability claim, you are likely going to be focused on getting better and also winning your case.

This is why it is best to understand your legal position based on the case details. This is also going to include weighing the pros and cons of moving forward with the premises liability claim in the state of Georgia.

With our help at SHElaw firm®, you are going to gain access to a North Decatur premises liability lawyer that is well aware of what the legal stipulations are in the state. This is key information that you are going to want to tap into as you begin to piece together what is required to win.

In general, you are going to have a premises liability claim if there was a hazardous condition that you were not warned about on the premises. This is your legal right and you should have been made aware of it before you walked around.

As you work on the case, feel free to reach out to us at 470-378-1162. We will be more than willing to assist.

What Are Common Injuries in Premises Liability Cases in North Decatur?

Being in a situation where you have been hurt is not an easy process to go through. You are going to struggle with the short and long-term effects of what has taken place. It can lead to a long recovery phase that is not easy to manage.

This is why you are going to want to be aware of what can be included in the premises liability claim based on what took place.

There are specific injuries that are common when it comes to accidents such as these. You will also want to be aware of what types of accidents can fall under this claim.

The types of accidents include:

  • Child Hurt in an Unsafe Area
  • Slip & Fall on Wet Spot
  • Structural Fail Leading to Injury
  • Damaged Stairs or Railings
  • Hit By a Falling Object
  • Uneven Surface or Unmarked Step
  • Elevator or Escalator Accident

It is common for a person to get injured in various ways including broken bones, concussions, cuts, muscle strains, joint sprains, and many other injuries. This is a situation that is not easy to manage.

At SHElaw firm®, we will build a strong case showing the owner’s carelessness caused your injuries and put forth a compensation claim that accounts for all your expenses and your pain and suffering. We will want to make sure you are confident in the process and get to showcase the injuries that occurred.

Who Is Responsible for an Injury in a Premises Liability Case?

As you begin to focus on the premises liability case and its details, the one thing you will want to focus on will be the other party. This includes who is responsible for the injury that took place.

In general, the owner or manager of a property will be held responsible if they didn’t take proper care to keep visitors safe. The defendant in a premises liability case could be an apartment manager, the owner of a business, a homeowner, or even a government entity if you were hurt in a public place.

At SHElaw firm®, we will go through the case details and begin to piece together what the right strategy is.  There are specific legal standards for what is required for the other party to be guilty.

The standards include:

  • There Was an Unsafe Condition on the Property.
  • The Owner Was Aware of the Condition or Reasonably Should Have Known.
  • Owner Failed to Repair or Remove the Hazardous Condition or Didn’t Warn You.
  • The Unsafe Condition Caused the Injury.

At SHElaw firm®, we are going to work through these legal standards with you as a way to gauge what your options are. We have seen it all and you can work with us on the legal claim in the state of Georgia. For us, we want to ensure you have a strong claim that is going to move on to the next stage.

To find out more about how we can help at SHElaw firm®, give us a call at 470-378-1162.

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What if My Child is Injured?

When you are dealing with a child that has been injured, there are strict legal standards in place.

Let’s assume a child has walked onto a construction site and something was not tied properly. If this causes harm to the child, it is going to be the site owner’s requirement to make sure that the item was tied. The child is not going to be seen as a trespasser under the Attractive Nuisance doctrine.

What if I Was Injured at My Workplace?

If you have been hurt at your workplace, there are specific details to go through including workers’ compensation law and premises liability law.

With workers’ compensation law, you are going to be looking at any injury that took place during work hours. If you were working a shift and got hurt, you will be filing a workers’ compensation claim. You do not have to prove the accident was the employer’s fault to get workers’ compensation.

On the other hand, if you were not working and still came to the same site, this would be premises liability law. You can move forward with a premises liability case if the business owner failed to fix a safety issue or put up warnings.

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Premises Liability Claim?

When you begin to work on a premises liability claim, you are going to be focused on the case details and how the lawsuit is going to be set up. This is important, but you will also want to take the time to look at the statute of limitations for the case.

There is a deadline in place for a premises liability claim before it cannot go through. In the state of Georgia, you are going to want to have this claim filed within two years from the time of the accident.

If you want to do this quickly and also make sure the lawsuit is ironclad then you will want to reach out to SHElaw firm® as soon as possible. We are going to put our legal resources to work and will ensure the filing is in place well in advance.

We know you are going to want to get things right the first time and that is what makes us the best in the business. We are laser-focused on what we do for our clients and that is going to include being aware of the legal timeline for the claim.

To find out more about us, give us a call at 470-378-1162.

Call a Trusted North Decatur Premises Liability Lawyer!

It is not easy to be put in a situation where you don’t know how to move forward with the case. When you slip and fall or get hurt due to a hazardous condition, you will not know how to process what has occurred. We want to make sure you are legally sound when it comes to the decisions that are made.

At SHElaw firm®, we are on your side and will take the time to go through your options as soon as the process begins. For us, it is all about hearing your vision for the case and then building a legal strategy that works in the state of Georgia.

We know this is not easy for you to go through and that is why you are going to want us by your side in North Decatur. To find out more about what we can do at SHElaw firm® and why we are the best option, it is time to call us at 470-378-1162 for a free consultation with our top-rated premises liability lawyer.

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