Theft By Shoplifting: What You Need to Know

Shoplifting occurs when a person takes merchandise from a retail store without purchasing the item.

A person commits the act of shoplifting by:

  • Taking or concealing merchandise from a store
  • Altering the price marking on an item to reflect a different price
  • Transferring the store’s merchandise from one container to another
  • Exchanging the label on one item with the label from another item
  • Causing the merchandise to be sold for another amount than the price intended by the store

Theft By Shoplifting – Client Case Study

Christy and Alex were visiting Lenox mall while vacationing in Atlanta. Christy witnessed two girls stuffing underwear in their purse while browsing in a popular lingerie store. Christy noticed that the merchandise was not protected by sensors and she saw the opportunity to stuff underwear into her purse as well. As Christy and Alex left the store, Christy was grabbed by security and taken into the back of the store for questioning. Scared, Christy called attorney Ross
for assistance.

Theft by Shoplifting carries the risk of one to ten years of imprisonment, but Attorney Ross was able to have all charges dismissed despite this being Christy’s fourth conviction for shoplifting. The success of each case is dependent on the individual circumstances surrounding the case.

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