Robbery: What You Need to Know

A robbery occurs when one forcefully takes someone else’s property. Have you or a family member been charged with robbery, if so, SHE can help!

Robbery in Comparison to Burglary

In comparison, robbery differs from burglary because robbery threatens a person’s property and their personal security. Unlike burglary where the crime is against a person’s home or dwelling, robbery utilizes force to achieve the criminal act of theft.

Pursuant to Georgia’s O.C.G.A 16-8-40, a person commits the offense of robbery when with intent to commit theft, he takes property of another from the person or the immediate presence of another”

  • By use of force;
  • By intimidation, by the use of threat or coercion, or by placing such person in fear of
    immediate serious bodily injury to himself or to another; or
  • By sudden snatching

Client Case Study Involving Robbery

Sharon often window shopped outside of luxury stores during her lunch break. One day during her break, Sharon was approached by two men who appeared to be panhandlers standing outside the entrance to one of Sharon’s favorite stores.

The two men. Jon and Jim asked Sharon for spare change, and as one of the men entered into his pocket, Sharon became irate and started to scream for help. Sharon dropped her purse and ran to work to file a incident report with Dekalb County police. The two panhandlers were later arrested and charged with Robbery by intimidation.

To be convicted of Robbery, the prosecution must prove that the accused committed each element of Robbery beyond a reasonable doubt. With a strategic, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney, the prosecution’s efforts to convict are undermined. Jim’s family knew to hire a skilled attorney to assist with Jim’s case. The prosecution offered Jim a plea agreement in exchange for a guilty plea, but Jim’s family decided to hire Attorney Ross instead.

Is Robbery a Felony?

Robbery is a felony offense, and once convicted of robbery a person is subject to a number of penalties included but not limited to fines, 1-20 years of imprisonment, and or probation. However, in March 2017, Attorney Ross received a Nolle Prosequi, or a formal notice of abandonment from the plaintiff of the case and all charges were dropped.

The success of each case is dependent on the individual circumstances surrounding the case. To achieve similar success and assistance with your Robbery charges, contact the offices of SHEquel P. Ross and visit our social media pages for more information and assistance.

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